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The Child Safety Seat Alert is an audio alarm electronically connected by wire to the seatbelt locks inside of an automobile. If a driver’s seatbelt becomes unlocked upon shutting off the engine, and if other seatbelts are still connected and engaged, an alarm sounds to remind the driver to remove the other passengers from the parked vehicle.



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child seat back
child seat box
child seat buckle

child seat front

child seat circuit
child seat siren
child seat switch


US PATENT #7339463.

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Every 11 days in the United States, a child dies due to harm and hazard when left alone and unattended inside of a parked vehicle.

The patent issued "Child's Safety Seat Alarm" is simple, easy to use, and meets a recognized need for the safety of children. No more forgetting of children in parked vehicles, with the possible outcome of being injured or death.

The “Child's Safety Seat Alarm” can remind parents of the need to remove their children from parked automobiles, even if they only intended to be gone for just a few minutes.